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For over 50 years, one Philadelphia location has been synonymous with providing the very best in custom aftermarket mods, customized parts, niche wheels, and rims for car, truck, SUV, and sports car lovers. With over 150 tire and wheel brands and an incredible ability to create high-performance aftermarket customized accessories, Banin’s Auto is the most recognized and most experienced MKW wheels and Rigid Lighting dealer in Bucks County, PA.

At Banin’s Auto, our entire team boasts an unsurpassed custom modification experience no other aftermarket service center in Bucks County, PA or all of Pennsylvania can match. We’ve worked on current American muscle cars like the iconic Camaro, the impressive Mustang, the all-powerful Dodge Challenger, and the equally impressive Dodge Charger. From adding customized features on the 1969 Dodge Charger to performing mods on the numerous 1970 classics like the Plymouth Barracuda, Ford Torino, Plymouth Road Runner, and Ford Fairlane, our love of cars is only matched by our extensive experience.

For off-road capable trucks, we can create a unique combination of chrome-accented grille, bull bar, all-terrain skid plate, and composite bumper so you can tackle any terrain on any backcountry road.

As a well-established MKW wheels dealer in Bucks County, PA, what can you expect once you bring your truck, car, or SUV to Banin’s Auto?

Enhanced Performance with MKW Wheels

Aside from being a well-recognized American Force wheel dealer in Bucks County, PA, Banin’s Auto is also well known for its extensive selection of MKW wheels. However, we’re not just an aftermarket supplier of high-quality custom wheels, rims, tires, and car accessories. We provide much more than just a varied selection of MKW wheels.

We perfectly match the MKW wheels and rims to your vehicle. As an MKW wheels dealer, we make it a priority to match the tire tread, tire width, and rim to the type of driving and terrains your car, truck, or SUV drives on most. It’s about matching the perfect wheels and tires to your make and model.

Spend a lot of time off-roading? That requires a wider MKW wheels and tire combination that improves traction without sacrificing control. Prefer to test your muscle car’s straightaway speed on long stretches of highway? That requires an MKW wheels and tire solution that provides superior braking distance while allowing your muscle car to maintain a strong grip and control at increased speeds. Do all your driving in the city? Yep, you guessed it – that requires its own special MKW wheels and tires that can endure the repeated wear and tear that comes with stop-and-go driving.

As an MKW wheels dealer, Banin’s Auto provides you with an endless supply of choices alongside experienced and knowledgeable service technicians and mechanics who love making mods, talking about those mods, and answering any questions you may have.

Professional Wheel Installations in Bucks County

Our position as an MKW wheels dealer in Bucks County, PA means we are uniquely qualified to perform the wheel installations your vehicle needs. With a deep understanding of the types of wheels we’re installing, we’ll ensure your MKW wheels are properly installed, well-balanced, and perfectly aligned.

Installing high-performance and high-quality MKW wheels requires a specific skill set. It’s much more than just making sure all mounting surfaces are cleaned. It’s also about installing the wheels with new lug nuts and fasteners. Paying close attention to the process is critical, as is performing a quick visual inspection of your brake pads, backplate, and calipers.

By properly aligning your wheels and ensuring they're balanced, you get custom MKW wheels and tires whose treads will last longer. You’ll have better control with less vibration, your vehicle’s weight will be properly distributed across all wheels, and you’ll see improved fuel efficiency.

Checking to ensure your brake pads aren’t worn out, and that brake lines aren’t pinched or torn is just our service technicians and mechanics taking the extra step to ensure everything is optimized. Of course, once these MKW wheels are installed, your vehicle will look incredible while seeing improved performance.

Get Started With Banin’s Auto Today!

Banin’s Auto takes its position as an MKW wheels and rim dealer very seriously. Our extensive selection of niche wheels is a testament to the lengths our aftermarket customization service center is willing to pursue to keep our Bucks County, PA customers happy. No matter your make or model, we can provide incredible accessories and modifications to perfectly match your personal style.

If you would like to learn more about our MKW wheels or would like to know more about the many customized accessories Banin’s Auto provides, contact us now.

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