Professionally Installed LED Headlights in Philadelphia, Bucks & Montgomery County, PA

We Offer a Wide Selection of Headlights

Improve your night time visibility with ultra bright LED headlight, fog light, and driving light solutions featuring Rigid Lighting, United Lighting, and Vision X

Trust your car to our over 50 years experience!

LED Headlights in philadelphiaWe carry and install:
  • LED headlights
  • Foglights
  • Driving lights
  • Rigid Lighting
  • United Lighting
  • Vision X
Bad nighttime vision? Light up the whole block with our ultra-bright LED headlights. We also offer professionally installed foglights, perfect for your car or truck.

Make your car work with your life and style!

Count on Banin's Auto to bring you the best in truck, SUV and CUV enhancement. From custom seat covers to dashboard navigation, get everything you need to fit your ride to your routine. Choose the time-tested truck technicians! We take pride in everything we do - count on us for expert installations on all products from a knowledgeable and courteous staff. Schedule your appointment today, and hit the road in style!

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Ensure Safe Driving With Our Headlights

Banin’s Auto is the most trusted auto shop to get LED headlights in Philadelphia, PA. We offer a variety of car electronics ranging from our high-tech remote starters to our vehicle headlights. Whatever car electronics you’re looking for to improve your driving experience, we’ve got it all. Here at Banin’s Auto, you can come to us with confidence in knowing that our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help answer any questions you have. We pride ourselves on the fact that we’ve been working in the business for over 50 years in Philadelphia, which is why so many customers choose us and stick with us. We are also proud to say that we now serve 3rd generation customers, the grandchildren of our original customers.

If you’ve come to check out our selection of headlights here in Philadelphia, we have a variety. This includes our LED headlights, fog lights, and driving lights to help you see the road at night. If you’re looking for brighter lights that will illuminate the road at night, you should take a look into our LED headlights. Some of the brands we offer for LED headlights include Vision X, Rigid Lighting, and United Lighting. Headlight installation is available for any lights you get from us. You’ll finally find a solution for any visibility issues you may have driving at night. As the best auto shop you’ll find in the Philadelphia area, you’ll receive headlight installation that is professionally done by our experts.

Whether it’s getting a headlight installation or a remote car starter installation, you can trust Banin’s Auto to deliver and install the best quality products. The car electronics we offer in Philadelphia include LED headlights, as well as other things like remote starters. Combining the two will provide the best convenience for you when driving your vehicle. Our remote car starters have options such as keyless entry, car alarms, or GPS tracking. Our high-tech remote starters can get your vehicle warmed up without having to step out into the cold. You can start your engine right from the comfort of your own home. You can also get a car starter with GPS tracking, which will allow you to know where your car is located, simply through the use of your smartphone. Whether you decide to get one of our LED headlights or one of our remote car starters, Banin’s Auto won’t disappoint! Come and get whatever you need for your car, right here in Philadelphia!

The Best LED Headlights in Philadelphia

Headlights constantly change as the years go by. These days, if you want serious illumination in the dark, you need LED headlights. At Banin's Auto, we provide high-quality LED lights that can cut through practically any kind of darkness. Here's what you need to know about our headlights in Philadelphia.

Why Are LED Headlights Beneficial?

There are a few benefits of investing in heavy-duty headlights like LED ones. Some of the ones you can experience are:

  • Safer driving at night
  • Easier sight during blizzards
  • Better detection of animals in the dark

Driving with better lights improves your safety when you need to drive in the dark. That's an investment everyone should make.

Why Buy Headlights From Banin's Auto?

Our LED Headlights are High-Quality

In order to have a bright light, the materials have to be high-quality. That's why we only offer the very best of headlights. Your safety matters to us.

Check Out Our Store Today

To ensure you're driving safely at night, check out our headlights in Philadelphia. Our LED lights can keep you, your family, and your car safe when you need it the most. Stop by our store today and see what kind of headlights fit your car.

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